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Adoptable: Ginger

Adoptable: Ginger

Breed: Boston Terrier
Colour: black and white
Age: 11 years
Sex: female
Weight: 23 lbs
Currently being fostered in: Calgary, AB


Sugar and spice and all doggy things nice, she’s a senior in years but a puppy at heart. Meet Ginger.


Gleaming and graceful in black tinged with white, she’s delightful to be with, easygoing and calm, with just the right touch of playfulness. Moderately active, she enjoys her walks, walking well on a leash, and being as bright as her black button nose, knows her basic commands, and is crate and housetrained.


Although not an excessive barker, she’ll alert her fosters when someone comes to the door, and while she thrives on human attention, she’s not fond of other dogs and is fearful of thunderstorms. Currently on drops for one eye, Ginger’s otherwise happy and hardy, and best suited to life in a loving home where she’s the only pet, with someone there most of the time, and with only older, respectful children, paw-lease.

If you are interested in adopting Ginger, please click the red button below.

Adopted: Figo

Adopted: Figo


Breed: Boston Terrier
Colour: black and white
Age: 2 years
Sex: male
Weight: 28 lbs

Figo needs a home without cats, dogs or young children.


Leggy and lean, with his bright coppery eyes and black speckled chest, Figo turns heads wherever he goes.

Named for the famed soccer star, our Figo’s high energy level could easily match his, as could his passion for playing – with his own soccer ball as well as games of keep away and tug-o-war.


Not only does he greet everyone entering his foster home with equal enthusiasm, he also performs for treats, proudly obeying each “come”, “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “paw” command.

Fond of chewable items, he’s also fond of being brushed and groomed (his nails, however, require a vet’s assistance). He’s well behaved enough to freely roam the house, and loves sharing his foster mom’s bed at the end of a busy day.


He especially enjoys long, brisk walks, even lying down at the top of the stairs to wait while his harness and leash are secured before heading for the door. Still new to some of the challenges of the outside world, he’s still learning how best to meet them, and has been improving daily.

Now, what fabulous Figo needs most is a fur-ever home with a large, fenced yard, without other dogs, cats or small children, but with active and affectionate adopters committed to continuing his training and perfecting his socialization.

Adopted: Rocko

Adopted: Rocko


Breed: Boston Terrier
Colour: black and white
Age: 5 years
Sex: male
Weight: 31 lbs

Tongue out to lap up your love, this bouncy Boston’s a bundle of HAPPY!

Rocking his foster home with his outsize personality and penchant for cuddling – with his foster mom, foster doggy sibs and the resident cats – Rocko may be shy at first blush, but once he “reads” you and your mood, he gets his goofy on.


Sweet with people of all ages, both female and male, he gets along well with dogs of all sizes, and is very easy to introduce. Well behaved and respectful, he will sit politely until given permission to eat (he’s on a specific diet, and his once-irritated skin is now healed and healthy) or to curl up beside you on the couch.

Like many Bostons, he’s always cold – unless that’s simply his excuse for extra snuggles — and at night will “ask” to come onto his foster mom’s bed, then slyly slide under the covers to lie next to her.


A gem of pure joy, he LOVES playing tug and playing with his toys, but prefers NOT to share them with the other dogs.

Uncomfortable around collars, he’s walked solely with a harness, walking easily and well, while both listening to and following verbal commands without added guidance.


An alert barker, robust Rocko will also bark continuously if left alone too long, making his ideal home an attentive one, without young children, but with another friendly dog for company and security.

Adopted: Lady

Adopted: Lady


Breed: Boston Terrier
Colour: black and white
Age: 4 years
Sex: female
Weight: 15 lbs

Boasting the best in Boston wardrobes, our lovely Lady is definitely a lady! She may be small in size at only 15 pounds, but her heart is large and worth its weight in doggy gold.

Gentle and sweet, she longs for attention and affection, thrives on snuggles, neck, chest and tummy rubs, and generously rewards her foster mom with endless wet and wonderful kisses.

Eager and energetic, she LOVES going for walks, meeting and greeting each person she passes, and despite the odd tug on her leash, is easily led.

Athletic and agile, she LOVES racing from one end of the house to the other, jumping onto the couch and then off again effortlessly. (All of this despite having had hip surgery on her right hind leg, the removal of a BB gun pellet from her left leg, the extraction of several teeth, and her current regime of physiotherapy to rehabilitate her right leg).


Highly intelligent, she learns quickly and fares best on a fixed routine. She answers to either “Lady” or “Puppy”, knows her “sit” and “stay” commands, comes in from the yard when she hears “a la maison,”and is almost fully housetrained. 

Not a fan of dog treats, lively Lady would much rather “treat” herself by whipping her stuffed hedgehog toy around! A vocal alert barker, she may have learned to co-exist with the cat in her foster home, but she remains EXTREMELY anxious around other dogs, and still suffers some separation anxiety when her foster mom goes out.

Now, as she continues life’s journey, what loving Lady needs next is an equally loving adopter in a calm, peaceful home (without other dogs), who’s patient, gentle, encouraging yet firm, and devoted to Lady’s ongoing progress (including further socialization and physiotherapy if required) in exchange for her enduring love.

Adoptable: Pumba (formerly Damien)

Adoptable: Pumba (formerly Damien)

Breed: Boston Terrier/Mastiff
Colour: black and white
Age: 3 years
Sex: male
Weight: 40 lbs
Currently being fostered in: Perth, ON

Fashion-savvy sunglasses swinging jauntily from his collar, perky Pumba (formerly Damien) is proudly showing off his new look and his new name.


As an overgrown 40-pound puppy inside the buff body of a 3-year-old adult, Pumba thrives on attention and LOVES being with people.


Saved from a shelter environment, thereby missing out on that precious puppy phase, this bright beauty, so eager to learn and to please, has been putting his best paw forward at a doggy training centre as he absorbs and excels at his canine ABC’s.


Once new to the company of other dogs, he now spends time socializing more easily with them, and even accepts gentle human pets and strokes while he eats.



After discovering the sheer joy of toys, he happily brings them over to his trainer when she asks, and often trots off on his own to play with them while he basks in the sun or chills in the shade.


Having honed his leash walking skills in the peace of the country, he’s begun work on walking paw-litely in town where distractions abound. But as Pumba progresses by leaps and bounds, what remains fixed is the amount of LOVE he has to give.


Now, to ensure his ultimate success, this passionate pup needs a home (without children, cats or other small animals), with a large, securely fenced yard, perhaps a calm, balanced lower energy medium-to-large breed dog for company and guidance, and patient, experienced adopters firmly committed to his continued training.

If you are interested in adopting Pumba, please click the red button below.

Adopted: Buddy

Adopted: Buddy


Breed: Boston Terrier/French Bull Dog
Colour: black and white
Age: 8 years
Sex: male
Weight: 18 lbs



Striking markings coupled with an endearing under bite and an attentive tilt of the head make Buddy worth his weight in quirky canine charm.


Saucy in spirit and spry of step, this sprightly senior enjoys walks in warm weather – and even gentle hikes – with his furry foster sibs and, of course, chomping on chew toys.

Although he dislikes getting his paws wet or cold, he is, nonetheless, a definite doggy fashion plate, used to donning clothes, and readily raising his front “arms” to be dressed.

He basks in the limelight of human attention and has never met a person he didn’t like, and so it’s not surprising that he thrives on cuddling in cozy beds and snuggling on comfy couches.


Sometimes vocal on leash when passing other dogs, obedient Buddy is quickly redirected with a cue to move along, and feels most at ease being slowly introduced to unfamiliar dogs.

Fully  crate trained, he’s quite content in a crate and sleeps soundly inside one at night. Given his “guard dog” barking and occasional crying when left alone, Buddy may not be suited to life in an apartment, but he’s more than suited to life in a loving home with a smaller, calm and gentle doggy buddy for company.

As a special needs senior with allergies and chronic kidney disease (Protein Losing Nephropathy), Buddy is on monthly medications for both, and has been doing very well on a raw rabbit diet with added rice or quinoa and a Chinese herbal supplement.

Adopted: Chloe

Adopted: Chloe


Breed: Boston Terrier
Colour: black and white
Age: 10 years
Sex: female
Weight: 18 lbs


Lovingly nicknamed “Licky-Lou” by her foster mom because she will soak you with kisses, kiss-able Chloe’s amorous enthusiasm knows no bounds. Simply put, this pert little Boston LOVES everyone – women and men, children and other dogs – and is eager to greet people with those now-famous licks.


The consummate cuddler, when Chloe’s not cuddling, she’s playing — from games of fetch and tug-o-war to joyfully chasing after her toys — much like a cat, paws up and pouncing! (Beware of squeakers in toys and leather gloves: she will happily “destroy” them).

Excellent on leash and in the car, well mannered and fully housetrained, she will, however, “cry” for three reasons. If she’s in the kitchen, she wants food; if she’s at the top of the stairs, she wants to go out; and if she’s lying on the couch or on her bed, she wants to be covered up.

A special sweetie with special needs, Chloe suffers from severe allergies and must, therefore, eat only hypoallergenic food and receive DAILY allergy medication as well as eye drops for the rest of her life. She also suffers from separation anxiety, and because she thrives on companionship, she would thrive in a home with someone there most of the day to soak up her famous Chloe kisses.

Maggy Thanks You for your Giving Tree Donations!


The vet said Maggy had one of the worst cases of luxating patella (dislocated kneecap) he had ever seen.

When Maggy first came into rescue with Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC), she could barely walk to the end of the street and back. Her hips and knees were so disjointed you could sometimes hear them SNAP. Read more »

Adopted: Duke

Adopted: Duke


Breed: Boston Terrier
Colour: black and white
Age: 7 years
Sex: male
Weight: 13 lbs


Whether formally attired in his ruby red bow tie or casually dressed for a cuddle on the couch, there’s no denying the noble bearing of this beautiful Boston so aptly dubbed Duke.

Small in size but huge in heart, he thrives on the company of adults (especially men) and teens, other dogs and cats, and gives the term “playful for his age” a whole new meaning.


He adores his kong, playing with his ball, games of fetch and tug-o-war, bestowing little kisses, being attentively brushed and groomed, and riding regally in the car inside his crate. In fact he LOVES his crate, using it as his place to relax, to play with a toy and to sleep at night.

The epitome of good etiquette, Duke comes when called, barks only when his foster sibs do, sits obediently, and eats with royal relish.

Although he likes his walks, he’s easily chilled, and will gratefully don one of his jaunty jackets for even mildly cold days. Not known for having the best leash manners, a soft collar and a 6-foot leash make all the difference – perhaps enough to walk him all the way to his loving forever home.