Adoptable: Ginger

Adoptable: Ginger

Breed: Boston Terrier
Colour: black and white
Age: 11 years
Sex: female
Weight: 23 lbs
Currently being fostered in: Calgary, AB


Sugar and spice and all doggy things nice, she’s a senior in years but a puppy at heart. Meet Ginger.


Gleaming and graceful in black tinged with white, she’s delightful to be with, easygoing and calm, with just the right touch of playfulness. Moderately active, she enjoys her walks, walking well on a leash, and being as bright as her black button nose, knows her basic commands, and is crate and housetrained.


Although not an excessive barker, she’ll alert her fosters when someone comes to the door, and while she thrives on human attention, she’s not fond of other dogs and is fearful of thunderstorms. Currently on drops for one eye, Ginger’s otherwise happy and hardy, and best suited to life in a loving home where she’s the only pet, with someone there most of the time, and with only older, respectful children, paw-lease.

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Adoptable: Pumba (formerly Damien)

Adoptable: Pumba (formerly Damien)

Breed: Boston Terrier/Mastiff
Colour: black and white
Age: 3 years
Sex: male
Weight: 40 lbs
Currently being fostered in: Perth, ON

Fashion-savvy sunglasses swinging jauntily from his collar, perky Pumba (formerly Damien) is proudly showing off his new look and his new name.


As an overgrown 40-pound puppy inside the buff body of a 3-year-old adult, Pumba thrives on attention and LOVES being with people.


Saved from a shelter environment, thereby missing out on that precious puppy phase, this bright beauty, so eager to learn and to please, has been putting his best paw forward at a doggy training centre as he absorbs and excels at his canine ABC’s.


Once new to the company of other dogs, he now spends time socializing more easily with them, and even accepts gentle human pets and strokes while he eats.



After discovering the sheer joy of toys, he happily brings them over to his trainer when she asks, and often trots off on his own to play with them while he basks in the sun or chills in the shade.


Having honed his leash walking skills in the peace of the country, he’s begun work on walking paw-litely in town where distractions abound. But as Pumba progresses by leaps and bounds, what remains fixed is the amount of LOVE he has to give.


Now, to ensure his ultimate success, this passionate pup needs a home (without children, cats or other small animals), with a large, securely fenced yard, perhaps a calm, balanced lower energy medium-to-large breed dog for company and guidance, and patient, experienced adopters firmly committed to his continued training.

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