Surrender is the Safest Option


When faced with the unfortunate decision of relinquishing a dog due to such issues as allergies, lifestyle changes and an owner’s passing, too many opt for the most expedient option: offering that dog for free through social media or well known online sales sites. Read more »

Cherry Eye in Dogs


This is Roscoe. He is a an 18 month old Boston Terrier who is currently being fostered in Ottawa, ON. While in our foster care, Roscoe will be having surgery to repair his cherry eye. We expect his total vetting to be in the approximate range of $2500.00.

The condition commonly called “cherry eye” occurs when a tear gland protrudes from your dog’s eye socket. Easily spotted, it appears as a pink or red mass bulging from the corner of the eye nearest your dog’s nose. It can affect either one or both eyes AND can be recurrent. Read more »

A Pet Safe Halloween is a Happy Halloween


It’s that time again. For goblins and ghosts, pumpkins and pranks, and things that go bump in the night. But as responsible pet owners, please ensure that your dogs and cats aren’t innocent victims of Halloween’s fun and frolics.

Consider the following suggestions to keep your pets safe not sorry. Read more »

Be Special: Adopt a Dog with Special Needs


Their bodies may be imperfect, but their spirit remains intact.

So it is said about the special needs dog. Although caring for one can be challenging, more and more people are opening their hearts and their homes and adopting them. For this reason, more and more dogs who might otherwise be euthanized are being given a new “leash” on life.

Experts stress the importance of not viewing special needs dogs as “handicapped.” Although they have certain limitations (including partial paralysis, three leggedness, blindness or deafness), they’re not “aware” of them, and can be as active and affectionate as any other dog. Read more »

A Year of Rescue Resolutions for You!


Have you thought of adding some new and different resolutions to your traditional New Year’s list?

Have you ever thought of getting involved in the world of rescue, but didn’t quite know how?

Here then, are twelve different ways – one for each month of the year – for you to resolve to make a difference in the lives of rescue animals this year. Even if you choose only one, that choice will make all the difference in the world. Read more »

Forever Home: Now What?


Be an informed adopter and make your new dog’s entry into your world as pleasurable and stress-free as possible.

Establish yourself with a vet if you are a first time dog owner before bringing your new dog home, or register your new dog with your established vet. Then apply for all of the appropriate licenses, etc., required in your area.

Remember that a dog’s true personality may not reveal itself until he/she has been with you for several weeks.

Therefore, these first few weeks require an atmosphere of calm and patience, not of anger or punishment. Read more »

Why Foster a Dog?


“Fostering a dog is not a lifetime commitment, it is a commitment to saving a life.”

This is the watchword of rescue groups everywhere.

To foster a dog is, quite simply, to save that dog’s life. A foster home provides that same dog with a safe, temporary place of refuge until he is ultimately placed in a permanent, adoptive home. Read more »

The DANGERS of NOT Spaying or Neutering!


Taxi’s Trials and Triumph

With his proud posture, handsome face and muzzle lightly tinged with gray, Taxi, at the youthful age of 8, personified the dashing but darling “American Gentleman.” Always the loving, happy and gregarious Boston, Taxi remained eager to romp and play, to walk, to run and to fetch.

Until recently, when his adoptive family suddenly rushed him in for emergency surgery because of a potentially life-threatening perineal hernia. Read more »

The Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog


How many times have we humans heard the expression, “You’re only as old as you feel”? And why is it that some days, despite our actual age, we feel younger than we are, while other days, we feel older, much older? Read more »

November is Adopt-A-Senior-Dog Month


Meet our dear adoptable senior, Texas. You can read her story here.

Spread the word. Now is the time. Time to brighten the darkening days of November. Time to warm the cooling nights of November. Time to think snuggles and slippers and cookies and cuddles. Want a hint? Just one. There’s nothing more satisfying than curling up with a good …. no, not a book. A good old boy. Or a good old girl. Read more »