All About Bostons

A Tribute to Ana-Maria Davies


I am from Ontario; Ana-Maria lived on the west coast. Though it may sound funny, calling someone I only spoke to through phone calls and the computer one of my closest friends, her personality shone just as brilliantly from over 4000 km away. Read more »

Adoption Update: Lewis!



My Life With Lewis

It’s amazing how a period of time can seem both long and short all at once. That’s how it is with little Lewis. Although it was only two short weeks ago that I brought him home, it’s also hard to imagine a time when he wasn’t here. Read more »

Adoption Update: Tex!


An update from Tex’s forever family!

I am sitting here this evening massaging my little Tex. Tex loves this, and I know this only because he does not move away, his ears and body are soft, and because I have learned to know what he likes by his subtle body signals alone. We used to joke when Tex first came to live with us that we never knew when he was happy, because his facial expression didn’t change. Tex always looked sad and depressed. That is just the way his face hangs. Read more »

Consider donating to our giving tree this holiday!


Hi there,

Do you remember me? I’m Gator. You might have seen my profile on the Boston Terrier Rescue of Canada (BTRC) website for a few months back in 2013. It took a while but I finally found my way home.

I’m so happy that Margot Arsenault, President of BTRC, asked me to write a little note to tell you my story. Read more »

Hunter searches for his forever home


Hunter is currently being fostered with Pugalug Rescue.

Hunter is a 2 year old Boston Terrier/Pug mix. He is a busy little guy whose favourite game is fetch (and will play all day if allowed!). He mostly ignores other dogs but will become reactive if faced with hostility or if a favourite toy is at stake. He would be happiest in a home where he wont be overwhelmed with high energy dogs, he would do fine with calm dogs. He needs a some training to break a marking habit, but he has been doing well in foster care – just something to be aware of. Knows sit, down, stay, off, out. Walks nicely on leash. He is very toy and food motivated so is super easy to train, and would do excellent in agility or fly ball.

If you think you might be able to give Hunter a loving forever home, please click here to visit his bio page!

For the Love of Mercy


Story submitted by the adoptive family of “Mercy” – a former BTRC foster dog known as “Pyper”

I hardly know where to start this story, but here goes…

We are a family of four, my husband Jake and I, and our two sons, Aaron 8 and Adam 7. Jake is a millwright, I am an accounting technician. I volunteer in the community and for Boxer Rescue Canada, not as often as I would like, but whenever I can. Read more »

The Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog


How many times have we humans heard the expression, “You’re only as old as you feel”? And why is it that some days, despite our actual age, we feel younger than we are, while other days, we feel older, much older? Read more »



Because BTRC has no shelter, we rely solely on temporary, foster homes to house the Boston Terriers we rescue until permanent, adoptive homes can be found for them.

Today, however, we are in desperate need of loving, experienced foster homes. Especially those WITHOUT ANY OTHER PETS.

And so, we are reaching out to all of you, and asking for your help. Read more »

Paws up for our Pinups Charity Calendar 2014



Miss the golden days of the ‘40’s and ‘50’s? Too young to even remember them? No worries. Stroll down memory lane with the gorgeous gals and bodacious Bostons of BTRC through the pages of a calendar that’s all about glamour, nostalgia and good old-fashioned fun. This is one wholesome happening that gives a whole new meaning to the word FUNdraiser. Read more »