Happy Tales

Maggy Thanks You for your Giving Tree Donations!


The vet said Maggy had one of the worst cases of luxating patella (dislocated kneecap) he had ever seen.

When Maggy first came into rescue with Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC), she could barely walk to the end of the street and back. Her hips and knees were so disjointed you could sometimes hear them SNAP. Read more »

2015 Holiday Giving Tree Success!

btrc_blog_noellexmasBTRC Alumni, Noelle, in her holiday best, says “Thank YOU everyone!”

Six thousand, four hundred and seventy five dollars!

That’s right, that’s what you, our incredible supporters, raised during our recent Holiday Giving Tree campaign.



We couldn’t be prouder of you and your commitment to these little dogs that we love so dearly. Read more »

Peanut’s Happy Tale


Peanut shares her rescue story here, in hopes that you will donate to our tree so we can help many more Bostons just like her! CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Hi there,

I’m Peanut. I want to say thank you in advance for opening your heart to help pups like me and Sally (she shared her story earlier this week.)

Gifts to Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC) from people like you mean Boston Terriers like me can have a second chance. Read more »

Sally Hopes You’ll Donate to our Giving Tree!


Sally shares her rescue story here, in hopes that you will donate to our tree so we can help many more Bostons just like her! CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Hi there,

My name is Sally. I have many nicknames, including Sal, Salamander, and Sweetie Pie.

I can hardly believe how many names I have, seeing as less than a year ago, I didn’t even have one.

I ended up in a shelter after being dumped because I was a puppy mill mama who couldn’t breed anymore. Read more »

Adoption Update: Bruno!


In this update, we celebrate the commitment of and challenges faced by a pair of patient, compassionate and loving adopters who are, step by conscientious step, changing the life a “rescue” dog into one of a “rescued” dog. Read more »

Adoption Update: Freya


An update from Freya’s forever Mom!

We have been so very fortunate to adopt a very special little girl from Boston Terrier Rescue Canada. We have named her Freya. It is the Norse word from which we got the word Friday. As we got her on a Friday, it was very appropriate. Read more »

Adoption Update: Mari & Roxy!


An update from Mari & Roxy’s forever family!

Thank you, BTRC for posting the recent update on the success of Mari & Roxy’s fundraising campaign. I just want to give my thanks also to all the people who helped bring these girls into my life. Read more »

Mari & Roxy Update!


You did it!

Thank you to everyone who made a donation to the fundraising campaign for Mari and Roxy. You can read their story hereWe reached our goal of $4,000 thanks to an incredibly generous gift of $1,000, lots of $25 and under gifts (which add up quickly), and the many people who signed up to be monthly donors. We think all of you are incredible. Read more »

Adoption Update: Lewis!



My Life With Lewis

It’s amazing how a period of time can seem both long and short all at once. That’s how it is with little Lewis. Although it was only two short weeks ago that I brought him home, it’s also hard to imagine a time when he wasn’t here. Read more »