The Ana-Maria Davies ‘Set for Life’ Memorial Program

Sponsorship Levels

$5 / month

provides a healthy delicious treat

$10 / month

provides heartworm protection

$20 / month

provides daily healthy meals

$25 / month

provides much needed medications

$50 / month

provides payment for vet bills

$50+ / month

provides surgery or special needs

The Ana-Maria Davies ‘Set for Life’ Memorial Program is a life-saver for dogs that are considered un-adoptable due to advanced age or medical conditions. Even though others may have given up on them, our rescue makes a promise to each Set for Life rescue that they will be cared for and loved for the rest of their lives.

Each dog in the Set for Life program lives in a permanent foster home while BTRC provides financially for their ongoing care. Without someone willing to provide for these deserving dogs in their sunset years, their only other option would be euthanasia.

Please help us so we can commit to providing everything possible to keep these dogs happy, healthy and safe!

We are in dire need of dedicated foster homes for these special pets so we aren’t forced to turn a dog away when we may be their last chance. To learn more, please email

Can’t foster long-term? Ongoing medical costs for ‘Set for Life’ dogs put a strain on our resources, so your financial contribution towards their care would be gratefully accepted.

If you would like to make a donation, please scroll down to our Set for Life dogs’ stories.

Our Set for Life Dogs

Suzy Q


Stunning Suzy Q is a photographer’s dream – picture perfect. And yet behind the melting gaze and elegant symmetry of her features, is the saddest of stories. One with the happiest of beginnings. Not endings, but beginnings.

When the 12-year-old Boston first entered her foster mom Judy’s life, she had only eight teeth and weighed a mere 10 pounds after suffering from years of malnutrition and neglect.

“The word that came to mind,” recalls Judy, “was ‘broken’ because she hung her head in shame as if she had done something wrong.”

She also had a tumour on her head, another on her leg and one on her backside. All three (two of them cancerous) were surgically removed, while a part of the latter remains.


“Despite everything she’s endured,” continues Judy, “Suzy Q is the sweetest, quietest and most loving dog. With love and patience, she’s come to trust and love her new forever family. Most importantly, she visits ‘Gramma’ and her friends at the nursing home. In their time of need, they all help each other in ways we may never understand.”

Since coming out of her shell, it seems Suzy Q has a very ticklish chin, and she shamelessly encourages her humans to tickle it by lightly touching their hands and emitting a low, meek grunt. AND she has a boyfriend! Bugsy, a French bulldog/pug mix.

“When she sleeps, she covers only her nose with the edge of the pillow,” Judy says, “and when she eats, I call her ‘Hungry Hungry Hippo’ because she wasn’t used to having regular meals. She now weighs at least 18 pounds.”


Having slept in a crate for so many years, her legs have atrophied, and due to her lack of muscle tone, Suzy Q “tiptoes” about the place, and everyone in the family lovingly calls her “Tippy Toes.”
“Surprisingly, after so much neglect, she rarely barks and is fully house trained. When she has to go out, she stands perfectly still and quietly at the door until you notice her.

“Her life,” concludes Judy, “will be the best one possible because she loves our family and we love her. My own life has been enriched by her being here, and we’re both so lucky that our paths crossed because I needed her as much as she needed me.”


  • Suzy Q is being sponsored with a monthly donation in honour of Judith Harris.


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Warmed by the unwavering love of his adoring mom, Janice, awesome Ozzie is well and truly home. As Janice herself puts it,

“Words cannot describe what a well behaved and loving dog he really is. He’s 100% Boston – from the snoring to the frog legs. In short, Ozzie is a heart breaker!

“We met on Friday, October 16, 2015, and the following Tuesday he had his eye removed. Four weeks later, he had three teeth removed. Then, six weeks after that, he had two tumours removed: a squishy lump which was a cancerous Grade 2 sarcoma and a hard lump which was a lipoma. But he sailed through all three surgeries with flying Boston colours, and after all he’s been through, this eleven years young snuggle bug remains one very happy little guy.


“Ozzie LOVES when my young niece and nephew visit us, and although he can’t see them, he knows they’re around. When they’re sitting down, he’ll cuddle on their laps and at night, despite being tucked up beside me in bed, he’ll sneak out to sleep with them. What it shows me is that at one time a child was his best friend, and it saddens me to know how much he misses his little buddy.


“He LOVES going for walks, happily peeing on everything (they say it’s a dog’s way of leaving a story for the next dog and if so, Ozzie is quite a storyteller) and going on car rides, curling up with his teddy bear and sleeping in his dog bed until we reach our destination.

“He LOVES his food and treats every morning and evening, sitting like a good boy in the same spot as he waits for his dinner. He needs his eye drops before his meal, and although he’s not a great fan of them, he knows that dinner is next!

“During the day, he lies in his dog bed and sucks on his teddy bear, preferably near the fire place and with the TV on. This gives him a feeling of safety and security, and yet, when the doorbell rings or the other dogs bark, Ozzie jumps up and starts barking too. He may not know what the barking is about, but he knows to run to the door. If someone’s there, he’s just as excited as the others, but once he smells the person, he runs back to his bed to suck in his teddy. To say this is absolutely adorable is an understatement.

“Like all Bostons, Ozzie LOVES sleeping flat out in the sun. But because he can’t see, he doesn’t like being left alone in the dark or locked in a kennel. He also does best and feels best following a familiar routine, so I do my best to maintain one.


“A true people pet, loved by everyone who meets him, Ozzie is also a precious part of our pack, and I firmly believe that all of this positive energy has played and continues to play an essential role in his healing and happiness.”


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If any picture is worth a thousand words, this one is! Could anything be cuter than this wide-eyed, white and black Boston terrier resting her head on a bright, multi-coloured squeaky toy? Could any words describe “contentment” and “bliss” any more perfectly than this peaceful pose? Sunny gal Sunny has even been given several nicknames (and yes, she answers to all of them) including Sunny Dayz and Kumquat. And yet, it wasn’t always sweetness and smiles for this 13-pound Boston, especially at the beginning. When 7 year-old Sunny entered BTRC in February 2011, she was suffering from a severe skin condition that required urgent attention. Gone was most of her beautiful black and white hair, and the bare skin from her chin to her chest was red, raw, and foul smelling.


She was promptly started on a regime of medicated baths in an effort to both calm the irritation and to make her more comfortable. But it quickly became clear that much more was needed. And so began regular visits to the vet, countless tests, various pills, numerous injections, endless baths and ongoing changes to her diet. All in an effort to get to the root of the problem. And throughout the entire, lengthy and trying ordeal, Sunny bore it stoically and stalwartly. She continued to love her walks, enjoy her naps, and thrive on play and snuggle times with her foster Boxer brother.


In the end, it was finally determined that the best choice for Sunny was an expensive oral medication ($300 monthly) combined with a raw food diet. Because of the high cost of her ongoing medical needs, Sunny became one of our ‘Set For Life’ dogs. And for her devoted foster mom and all of us at BTRC, that one precious picture says it all and makes it all worthwhile.


  • Sunny is being sponsored with a monthly donation in honour of Freddie Marsh and David Emery.


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