2015 Holiday Giving Tree Success!

BTRC Alumni, Noelle, in her holiday best, says “Thank YOU everyone!”

Six thousand, four hundred and seventy five dollars!

That’s right, that’s what you, our incredible supporters, raised during our 2015 Holiday Giving Tree campaign.



We couldn’t be prouder of you and your commitment to these little dogs that we love so dearly.

When Sally and Peanut shared their stories of how your donations helped them transform from puppy mill mamas to cherished members of loving families, you responded to them.

And your response was HUGE!

Because of your generosity, we can now help others who have recently been accepted by BTRC.


Cutie snoozing, comfy and warm

This includes Cutie and Suzie who arrived together. Both have severe dental issues and lumps that need to be tested and treated.The initial estimate for their vet care is approximately $2,500.

Suzie, all stretched out in paradise

Your compassion also allowed us to care for Sir Winston when he arrived with a cherry eye. He required surgery and then experienced some complications. His bill was around $2,000.

Sir Winston’s cherry eye prior to surgery

Sir Winston – not too happy with his cone, but healing nicely

There was also Rex who came from an Ottawa shelter. Poor little fellow arrived needing double sided perineal hernia surgery. Because of you, BTRC could afford his $4,300 in vet bills. He is now healing up very nicely.

Rex, a little anxious at the vet

Of course, it is only because of your gifts that BTRC can also get ready to address his dentals needs which are estimated to cost $1,100.

Rex loving soccer in the snow

It all adds up very quickly.

But it is all worth it.

We can’t thank you enough for donating to this important fundraising campaign. You ensure we can answer these Boston Terrier calls for help. They may arrive under some sad circumstances, but your kindness means that all changes very quickly.

Your gift means these dogs soon get to live the lives they deserve.

From the bottom of our hearts and theirs, thank you!

Margot Arsenault