Adoption Update: Freya

An update from Freya’s forever Mom!

We have been so very fortunate to adopt a very special little girl from Boston Terrier Rescue Canada. We have named her Freya. It is the Norse word from which we got the word Friday. As we got her on a Friday, it was very appropriate.

She is gentle and loving and goofy and makes us laugh with her “army crawl”, stretched right out crawling along the floor. There are many things that startle her, things she has never seen before in her life as a puppy mill mommy and it thrills us to see her opening up and accepting new experiences.


I teach pet first aid and even though I have only had her for 4 weeks, she allowed me to use her as a demo dog in my course yesterday. Students bandaged her, learned how to find her femoral pulse and count respirations. She now has her very own Walks’n’Wags Pet First Aid course certificate.


Freya has enriched our lives so much already, I can not imagine not having her in our home. Many thanks to BTRC’s adoption coordinator Margot, who considered us for adoption and Rita who was Freya’s foster mom for a couple of months. We are indebted.

Thank you all for your efforts, hard work and dedication you show to these wonderful dogs.