Adoption Update: Lewis!


My Life With Lewis

It’s amazing how a period of time can seem both long and short all at once. That’s how it is with little Lewis. Although it was only two short weeks ago that I brought him home, it’s also hard to imagine a time when he wasn’t here.

It was by luck one day that I happened on the Boston Terrier Rescue Canada page, and that adorable little face gripped my heart instantly (I don’t even think I batted an eye before frantically filling out the application form and hitting send).


Every interaction with BTRC, from initial phone call, to house visit, to meeting the foster family, was such a positive experience for me. It meant so much to know that so much care was put into making sure Lewis would find his perfect forever home.


Lewis is adjusting incredibly well to his new life. I remember the first night bringing him home, I was prepared for the worst. He’ll cry and not settle and have to go out in the middle of the night, I thought. Wrong. Turns out the only thing this guy does better than make me laugh – is sleep. He sleeps like it’s his job.


He is slowly starting to enjoy longer walks with the warmer weather, and adjusting to the hustle and bustle of being an urban dog in Ottawa. Not quite the rural setting he was used to, and the cars and buses and people have taken him a bit of time to be okay with.


The personality of this tiny little guy is like none other. He is 9lbs of pure spunk and always keeps me on my toes. His latest obsession is a hair elastic. He darts up and down the halls, doing back flips and somersaults and flinging it in every direction. Kongs and stuffed animals and rope toys are no match for the mighty hair tie!

I look forward to our many adventures, my little co-pilot and I. If you’d like to follow along, you can find him on Instagram @MyLifeWithLewis.