Adoption Update: Mari & Roxy!

An update from Mari & Roxy’s forever family!

Thank you, BTRC for posting the recent update on the success of Mari & Roxy’s fundraising campaign. I just want to give my thanks also to all the people who helped bring these girls into my life. I have even met a few, one in my own workplace! I was so sad when Chester, my BTRC alumni, passed away at almost 15 years old. Then I saw Mari and Roxy on the website, and knew I wanted to give those two the best forever home I could provide. I applied and was lucky enough to be matched!


They are the sweetest girls, bonded to each other, but also the most sociable Bostons – to people, other dogs and even cats. Mari loves her frisbee but I found buying more frisbees still means they both want the same one! I have learned that leaving a bag of treats on the dining room table does not mean they will still be there when you get home. Mari rattles her dish to let me know it’s mealtime and Roxy can jump into your arms (discovered at Pet Valu!), and they also don’t mind me sharing the edge of the bed.


They are a dream in the car, and almost as good on a leash – we are having a blast!


Thank you so much BTRC, Bedrock Kennels, Kemptville Animal Hospital, and all the kind-hearted people who donated to Mari and Roxy when they badly needed it. We hope to see you at future events!