Buy A Ticket! Help Our Bostons! Win A Quilt!

Please visit our raffle site to get your ticket today!

You don’t have to own a Boston to be warmed by a Boston. Or more precisely, by dozens of Bostons. Bostons with whimsical faces made of fanciful fabrics found only in pastel-coloured dreams.

Bostons with stylized bodies in impossibly small sizes found only in one’s vivid imagination. Bostons parading, proudly and playfully, around the borders of a comfy-cozy, handcrafted quilt.

Bostons to curl up in bed with and to cover yourself with. Bostons to keep you company or to keep out the cold. Bostons to count when you grow tired of counting sheep. Bostons to drape over the back of a sofa or the arm of a chair. Bostons to remind you of simpler days, when every home was made homier by the comforting closeness of the closest quilt.

We, at BTRC, are quickly counting down the days until the draw for our original, handcrafted quilt on November 30. We are quietly, but confidently, counting on you to help us reach our targeted goal of $2,000.

We are, as always, counting the many ways in which we help the needy Bostons in our care. We are, as always, counting the ways we will be asked to help others in the weeks and months ahead. And, as always, we could never do all that we do without the generosity of Boston lovers like you.

Please visit our raffle site to get your ticket today!