Clutch & Winston Update

You have a heart of gold.

It is something we should have told you a while ago, but our volunteers have been busy addressing the needs of many new intakes.

So, although it is a bit late, we want to thank you for your incredible support of our Holiday Giving Tree 2017.

Because of you, we surpassed our goal and raised $10,885. AMAZING!!

With your generosity, Winston and Clutch continue to get the help they desperately need.

Winston recovered well from his CCL surgery. When he first arrived into BTRC’s care, his foster mom said he seemed like an old dog. Now, he chases his ball, goes on the stairs and can easily walk a kilometre. All of that is possible because of you.

Our little Clutch, who arrived to BRTC’s care both paralyzed and incontinent, continues to face some challenges. Clutch recently had an ultrasound. They didn’t find any stones but he is on a 30-day treatment for potential chronic gastritis along with having sandy sediment in his bladder.

Due to the fact that the bladder on a dog who is paralyzed is never completely void, Clutch is prone to UTI’s. He was given more antibiotics and a cocktail of various meds. His morning meds are very hard on his system and leave him heaving and uncomfortable. We hope his new wet food will help with medication intake.

While our hearts break for Clutch, you are right beside him all of the way. Your kindness and compassion guarantee he continues to receive the care and vetting he needs to be as health as possible.

The impact of your donation doesn’t stop there… your donation to the Holiday Giving Tree means we’ve been able to accept 9 dogs into our care since January 2018. Each dog has had vetting and dental work. Others have faced seizures, been diagnosed with heart murmurs, had lumps removed… the list goes on.

Despite the ups and downs in the weeks and months after they come into rescue, their futures look bright because of you and your gifts.

Some of the dogs like Ziggy may join our Set for Life program, where they live the rest of their life in loving foster home while your support of BTRC means their ongoing care is covered. For other dogs, like Tarzan, Amy and Megan, your donation means they receive the care they need and a perfect forever home is found for them.

Thank you again for your trust and commitment to all these sweet little dogs who find themselves in the care of BTRC.