Clutch’s Story

Dear Friends,

It’s heartbreaking when you know your loved one needs more care than you can give.

And nothing is more precious than when you find them a place to call home.

I know, because Boston Terrier Rescue Canada helps Bostons who are abandoned and mistreated. And, we also help Bostons who are surrendered by loving individuals– sometimes family circumstances have changed, new medical issues arise for the dog or the humans, or financial hardships are encountered.

This was the case when we were recently asked to step in to help a little Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix named Clutch.

Clutch is 5 years old and he suffered a spinal episode while playing at the dog park in July with his mom. He was left paralyzed and incontinent.

His mom did her best and looked at various options to provide him with the best care. But, she knew that Clutch needed more help than she could give so she turned to BTRC.

You are a hero to Clutch. Because of people like you, BTRC was there when his mom asked for help this fall and made the decision to surrender Clutch to BTRC.

His loving foster mom is working diligently to provide Clutch with a home that addresses all of his needs before BTRC finds him his forever home.
This includes such things as providing him with a nutritious diet to bring him up to the proper weight to purchasing a special “bag” for his hind end that allows him to easily scoot around the house. He was getting sores on his back end from dragging it around—the bag allowed the sores to heal and ensures he doesn’t get any new sores too.

Check out this video of Clutch playing in the house!

So far, BTRC has spent over $1,300 on Clutch. He needed things like a new wheelchair, an xpen, vetting, appointments with specialists to see if there was anything they could do (unfortunately there isn’t), and supplies such as diapers, wipes, pads, belly bands, special shampoo.

Clutch is also receiving in home hydrotherapy treatments along with physio to strengthen the muscles atrophied through the paralysis. He is showing improvements with some feeling and sensations in his hind end.

He is even able to wag his tail. I think it is his way of saying thanks for everything you have done for him.

I have volunteered with BTRC since 2007 and have been the President since 2013. I can’t find the words to express the joy it brings me to be part of an organization run completely by volunteers who can do everything possible to help dogs like Clutch and other BTs and BT mixes. They give their talents, time, and money to help these beautiful pups.

It is only with your generosity that we are able to do everything we do. The dogs in our care depend on your support.

Your donation means we can treat dogs that come into our care and ensure they are healthy when it is time to move into their forever home. And, in some cases, dogs that are likely unadoptable because of advanced age or medical conditions become part of our Set for Life program. This is where they live the rest of their life in a loving foster home while BTRC provides financially for their ongoing care.

Check out this video of Clutch, discovering the snow in his new suit!

For Clutch, BTRC pays for all of his costs while he is in his foster home (food, meds, his “bag”, and more) and for the vet costs needed to determine the extent of his spinal impingement/injury.

Your generous heart is critical to helping BTRC guarantee the health and well-being of the BTs in our care. Dogs just like Clutch and all the others that have been helped since we first started over 20 years ago.

Because of you and your compassion, these beautiful souls are guaranteed comfort and care.

With your gift today, you can make things easier and better for dogs like Clutch. Will you pick out something and decorate our holiday tree?

You can be proud of everything you’re accomplishing with your donation. Your generosity guarantees these vulnerable dogs receive the love, security, and medical treatment they deserve.

With your donation, you’re championing excellent care for these beautiful dogs.

We need your help today; anything you can give will make a difference.

Check out this video of Clutch trying to destroy his new toy!

On behalf of Clutch and the 80+ dogs we expect will need our help in 2018, thank you for opening your heart.

Margot Arsenault


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