Boston Terriers have the distinction of being the first US breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, and to be the first non-sporting breed bred in the USA. There are many things that give Boston Terriers their claim to fame, but there are some Boston Terriers that are just a little more famous than others.

Hooper’s Judge

Early Boston Terriers, photo courtesy of:

Robert C. Hooper’s dog Judge (purchased in 1870) is considered by many to be the “grandfather” of the modern Boston Terrier. Judge was a cross between an English Bulldog and a White English Terrier, weighing in at about 32 pounds with white face markings. Judge was bred with Burnett’s Gyp, a bulldog-type dog almost all white in colour. After a couple generations, Bernard’s Mike was born, and he is considered the first true Boston Terrier.


Wizard of Oz flying monkey costumes, photo courtesy of:

Toto is the fictional dog in the L. Frank Baum “Oz” series. While Toto is described as a little black dog with shiny eyes and long hair, he is often portrayed as a Boston Terrier in the later “Oz” books. Whether or not Toto was a Boston Terrier is up for debate, but if it is true, the flying monkeys of Oz would have some competition in the mischief department!

Sgt. Stubby

Sergeant Stubby, photo courtesy of:

Sgt. Stubby (a Boston mix) was the most decorated war dog of WWI, being promoted to Sergeant through combat. He had served 18 months on the front line protecting his regimen from a surprise mustard attack, finding the wounded and even catching a German spy by the seat of his pants. Upon returning home, Sgt. Stubby lead parades and peacefully retired with one of his fellow soldiers.

Chopper the Biker Dog

Chopper, photo courtesy of:

Chopper is a motorcycle riding Boston Terrier, but don’t let his tough looks fool you, this Terrier has a heart of gold and can often been found helping those less fortunate. Chopper is a certified therapy dog and regularly raises money for children and animals in need. In fact, he was nominated for the 2012 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards for his efforts.


Rhett, photo courtesy of:

Rhett the Boston Terrier is the official mascot of Boston University. He is a tall, two-footed Boston Terrier named after the famous Rhett Butler from Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind”. Rhett is often seen cheering on the various Boston University teams and is outfitted in his signature colour… scarlett.

Your Boston Terrier

No matter how many Boston Terriers we name, none will be as important in your heart as your own BT. Each one has a unique personality and charisma that make it stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for your very own famous terrier, please consider adoption through your local shelter or through a Boston Terrier Rescue in your area.

Written by Gosia K. – BTRC Volunteer.
Gosia is a Boston Terrier fanatic residing in Ottawa, Canada. When not chasing after her dogs and ferrets, she is busy scouring the internet for Boston Terrier paraphernalia. Her dream in life is to convince her husband to partake in “KISS band” family Halloween costume with her and the dogs. It is surprisingly difficult.