Foster Update – Taxi

Taxi is currently being fostered in Edmonton, Alberta. Here’s an update from his foster family.

Taxi loves his blankets and carts them around. I do believe he knows this is safe at least and he is working hard to be good. By late last night he learned (I think) from quiet verbal prompts, that he doesn’t have to worry about warning me every time he hears someone nearby.

He and Harry the cat have met and frankly he just looks at him as if to say ‘oh, you live here too’.

He is very polite around his food and waits to be invited. He is eating Acana duck and pear and seems to like it. I sense he didn’t get much attention as he waits for me to initiate interaction and he is then very interested.

Taxi also loves his walks and responds with excitement when I bring the leash out. We had 5 good walks yesterday and he has a lot of energy for an 8 yr old. He doesn’t appear to know how to tell me he needs to go out but perhaps my anticipating it means he just hasn’t had to tell me!

He was good about going in his crate and had a quiet night. After his walk and something to eat, he is relaxing with his blanket. Taxi is a handsome, well behaved guy who is a little anxious – either because of the disruptions or worrying about doing the right thing.

He is not startled by things like cars, etc. and is appropriately attentive to things and activities around him. Yesterday, as we got home from a walk, a small red hatchback parked nearby and he started to cry. A young couple got out of the car and he continued crying so we went over to them. They showered him with attention and he was more affectionate than I had ever seen him. It was as if he remembered them but they didn’t know each other and then he too realized it. I had noticed another time he had seen a man outside and he cried then too. He seems to have good memories or am I anthropomorphizing?

He absolutely knows where he lives and what the drill is for going outside and where he is supposed to do his business. And here is something I have never seen – as soon as I get his ear ointment out, he comes over and lies down tipping his head. He KNOWS it is time. Wow!

Taxi is very bright, well trained, polite and a delight to have. I am looking forward to his relaxing more and initiating interaction. On a more practical side – his incision is healing well, does not appear to be in any pain or even uncomfortable; has good bowel habits (every walk); is eating well; and is bright and alert.