Georgie needs help!

Let’s hear it for Georgie!

The plaintive look in his dark, soulful eyes says it all: will you help stop the pain?

Will you help me to hear something other than the hammering in my head?

Georgie, our beautiful, three-year-old Boston was found on the street, abandoned and ailing, underfed and un-neutered. Safe in a Toronto shelter, he was neutered and nourished and thoroughly examined. His left ear, which was suspiciously thickened and crumpled, showed signs of burst blood vessels and a chronic middle ear infection. Once he was safely in the care of BTRC, he spent several weeks being treated for the infection at a Collingwood clinic. But after recently showing renewed signs of pain and discomfort at his foster home, Georgie was checked again. To our dismay, we learned that his middle ear was essentially gone, that his eardrum and tympanic bones had been destroyed by the infection.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

A surgery called Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) which, in its 25-year history, has been highly successful. The surgery costs approximately $2000.00. The benefits for Georgie? A clean and pain-free ear for the REST of his life. Because his right ear is healthy, he’ll be able to hear more clearly, without interference, for the FIRST time in his life.

On behalf of our Georgie, we’re now looking to YOU.

Will YOU help us raise the funds we need to get him the surgery he needs?

Will YOU help us give him a quality of life he’s never known?

Let Georgie appeal to you directly.

Will YOU help us turn sweet, sad Georgie’s frown into a smile?

Enter his world by watching this video: Georgie


For donations of twenty dollars or more:

you’ll receive a 9”x 11” print of the sweet and sassy Boston poster entitled, “Where’s my Biscotti?” by Nancy Taylor.

To make a donation to Georgie, please visit our DONATION page for various ways you can make your donation!