Heartworm – Better Safe Than Sorry

With the welcome arrival of summer, come unwelcome threats to your dog.

The three worst offenders are heartworm, fleas and ticks. And the best protection against them is prevention.

Most vets recommend yearly testing for heartworm, usually in late spring. If your pet is heartworm negative, a monthly application of a specially designed, chemical preventive product onto your dog’s skin begins June 1 and continues for six months.

According to some reports, the number of heartworm positive dogs has been rising in the last few years. And although it remains relatively rare in Ontario, the majority of known cases have been in southern Ontario.

Prevention is safe and effective, while treating the disease itself is complicated and can, like the disease, have serious, even fatal, effects on your dog.

The benefit of vet-prescribed topical medications is that they protect your pet against fleas and ticks as well.

And this is vital. Because the flea season is growing longer and the threat of ticks is becoming greater. They’re minor issues if prevented, but if allowed to reach infestation levels, they, like heartworm, can also kill your precious pet.

It’s not too late to act. Consult with your vet. Protect the dog you love against these invasive parasites and this summer, all of you can rest, assured.

Written by Nomi Berger. Nomi is the bestselling author of seven novels and one work of non-fiction. She lives in Toronto with her first pet and the love of her life, her adopted dog, Shadow. She now devotes her writing skills and energy to helping as many animal rescue organizations as possible.