Your help is urgently needed today!

We are in desperate need of funds in order to continue to care for the dogs in our foster program, and ensure we don’t have to turn anyone away!

Please consider a donating a decoration for our Lisa’s Holiday Giving Tree this year!

When their owner was moving and couldn’t take them, Charly and Chloe were left at the Montreal SPCA. The initial vetting found Chloe had a grade 2 heart murmur, skin issues, and food allergies. Charly had a light heart murmur and a large mass the size of a golf ball on the back of his neck.


The SPCA didn’t have the funds to invest in fully vetting these 6-year-old dogs. They also said any of their adopters would not be willing to invest in long term interventions. They reached out to Boston Terrier Rescue Canada. They wanted a reputable rescue that would ensure Charly and Chloe would find their perfect forever homes.

Because of compassionate people like you, BTRC was able to welcome them into our care.


When they first came to BTRC, Charly and Chloe weren’t in good condition. They were treated for coccidia which causes diarrhea. They also had ear infections.

Once in foster care, Charly had his mass removed. Take a look at his incision—it was big! He was a trooper and his foster home took good care of him.

And, poor Chloe, she was so sick. At one point, we didn’t know if she would make it.

Because of you, Chloe was able to go to the emergency vet on the night we thought we would lose her. An ultrasound revealed no blockage but she had an inflamed/ulcerated area on the abdominal wall. The vet believed she also had an inflamed esophagus. On IV and receiving medications, Chloe was finally well enough to go home after spending 4 days in the hospital.

When she went home to her foster family, Chloe was nursed back to health. Two months later, she also needed extensive dental work done due to periodontal disease.

I lost sleep and shed many tears over these two dogs. Myself and the other volunteer board of directors were on a roller coaster of emotions as we came along side of these dogs and as we watched Chloe fight to survive.

It was worth it in the end… with your donations you are having an incredible impact.

Do you know what Charly’s new mom told me the other day? “Since adoption day on October 1st, every day has more meaning. I love him with all my heart. He is truly the new man in my life. Thank you to BTRC and all the people that helped us find each other.”

You’re the one who is being thanked—you made this perfect match possible.

And Chloe is no different. Her new home includes her mom and dad and a fur sister named Ruby. At this home, she is their princess. She is loved and spoiled every day because of you. A gentle soul, Chloe is full of cuddles. She loves to play, LOVES car rides, and LOVES to go for walks.

It brings tears to my eyes when I hear the stories like that of Charly and Chloe. You ensured this pair to received the help they need as well as many others who needed a new home.

I know we asked for your support earlier in the year and many of you gave generously. I wouldn’t be asking again if it wasn’t urgent.

I’ve said it before, but it is more true than ever. Money is extremely tight right now and I’m worried we will have to turn dogs away.

Since January 2018, BTRC has spent almost $90,000 on vet bills for 32 pups who have been in our care this year.

For little Chloe, BTRC spent over $5,400 before she was adopted. Charly had over $1,800 in vet bills before he was adopted.

We don’t want to say no to any of these beautiful little love bugs who need our help. I worry it will come to that.  Every week, we receive intake forms for beautiful Boston Terriers who need a new home. You and I must do what we can to guarantee they receive the care they need.  To guarantee these dogs like Charly and Chloe have homes to call their own.

That means we need your help today. Anything you give will impact the lives of these pups that steal our hearts.

Please consider a donating a decoration for our Lisa’s Holiday Giving Tree this year! Or a simple donation of any amount can be made in a variety of ways – click here!

You may even want to consider making a monthly gift – $15 is just $0.50 per day. And by spreading your donation across the whole year, it is a manageable way to have a significant impact.

On behalf of all these little ones, thank you for your compassion and kindness,

Margot Arsenault | President

PS – Do you have any securities or mutual funds that have increased in value? If so, consider donating them to help Boston Terriers in need. CRA has eliminated capital gains tax on any increase value if you donate them directly (don’t sell them first!) to BTRC. This makes it one of the most efficient ways to make a donation.