How BTRC Has Changed My Life

Guest post by Richard McCall. Proud adopter and father of Lady. Based in Stittsville, Ontario.

I was born into a family that already loved Boston Terriers long before I heard of Boston Terrier Rescue. So, as far as I’m concerned, there are no other dogs on the planet. When I was in my twenties, I was fortunate enough to get my own two Bostons, Bailey and Bacardi. I lost my tiny Boston, Bacardi, tragically and suddenly, at the young age of 12; the conclusion seemed to be a brain tumour. It was at that time, Bailey and I continued going forward, and I had her for an amazing 16 years.

In the last year of her life, I nursed her. We slept together downstairs (usually on the floor in the last few months), because she was deaf and mostly blind, and I was afraid she’d fall down the staircase. She was my buddy; she went everywhere with me and was the best friend you could ask for. She had mandibular jaw cancer and the surgery was far too intrusive to consider at her age. I took her to put her to sleep and let her go to the Rainbow Bridge to join her sister.  It was the worst day of my life and I vowed that day, that I would never have dogs again.

My Administrative Assistant, Margot, took it upon herself to have a representative of Boston Terrier Rescue Canada come into our office, as somehow she felt it might ease my pain if I could help other BT’s in need. I dragged her into the meeting with me because there was no way I was doing it alone. I agreed that I would help rescue when I could in some capacity, but I could not go through the heartbreak of losing another dog. Then, one snowy day during the Christmas holidays, I got a call that a scared Boston was going to be destroyed and time was of the essence. I immediately got into my car and drove those few hours to pick Lady up, and my life has forever changed.

Lady is truly an amazing dog and has a personality like no other. I know we all say these things about our dogs, but this animal is AMAZING. From going on a watercraft with me, to coming to work with me, going on road trips, screaming down the windy roads in our convertible, she is truly my best friend. I could type on and on, describing this amazing friend of mine for eternity, and even if I stopped typing, anyone who had the pleasure of meeting her, would continue adding stories forever more.

I will never stop working with rescue. Though I know that I cannot foster again, I do attempt to continue helping rescue when I can. Lady suffers from separation anxiety at times, and has a problem with her back. A lot of rescue dogs do come with baggage, you just have to love them enough, to help them unpack. They make our hearts bigger.

Written by Richard McCall. Proud adopter and father of Lady. Based in Stittsville, Ontario.