Maggy Thanks You for your Giving Tree Donations!

The vet said Maggy had one of the worst cases of luxating patella (dislocated kneecap) he had ever seen.

When Maggy first came into rescue with Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC), she could barely walk to the end of the street and back. Her hips and knees were so disjointed you could sometimes hear them SNAP.


This poor, sweet soul was in agonizing pain.

But thanks to you, Maggy now runs and jumps.

It is all possible because you, our amazing supporters, donated $7,580 to BTRC’s Holiday Giving Tree campaign.


You generosity and compassion is incredible. Thank you!

Your gifts allowed Maggy to have the surgeries she needed. Although her recovery wasn’t easy, she is doing amazingly well. Sure, she prefers to lay in front of the fire to a brisk walk in the snow, but don’t most Boston Terriers? The important thing is when she does goes for her walks, she no longer groans in pain but has a bounce in her step.


Your gifts to the Holiday Giving Tree also helped BTRC pay for the vetting of other dogs recently accepted by BTRC.

From spaying and neutering to dental work to cherry eye surgeries, Boston Terriers may be small, but their vet bills are often pretty big.

Because of you, BTRC can provide them with the care they need. And, after they have recovered from their procedures and started to enjoy a life of love and relaxation in their foster home, BTRC finds them the most wonderful forever homes you can ever imagine.


This is all possible because of you and your donation. All of us at BTRC are forever grateful for your kindness. Thank you for your support of this campaign and your going support of BTRC.

Margot Arsenault
President – BTRC