Peanut’s Happy Tale

Peanut shares her rescue story here, in hopes that you will donate to our tree so we can help many more Bostons just like her!

Hi there,

I’m Peanut. I want to say thank you in advance for opening your heart to help pups like me and Sally (she shared her story earlier this week.)

Gifts to Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC) from people like you mean Boston Terriers like me can have a second chance.


I was a breeding mama who had babies for many years before I was rescued.

When I came into BTRC’s care, it was discovered that I have heart disease – a significant issue that was not treated. So when I was finally rescued I needed a lot of help. Because of people like you, BTRC ensured I received the required vet care.

That means, you were there for me when I needed it most.

Sally told you that BTRC spends on average $750 vetting new dogs. But that some cost a lot more.

I’ll admit it – I’m one of those more expensive dogs…

Almost $5,000 later and I’m doing a lot better
. I’m still considered a dog with special needs but they are under control.


None of this would have been possible without you.

After all this care and love, I was ready to find my forever home. I was very nervous and still like to keep things quiet, but I finally found the perfect place to call my own.

All of this – my health, my home, my happiness – was possible because of your generosity.

Thank you for caring for all the little souls like me. Without people like you we’d stay lost – never knowing the gentle touch of someone who loves us as much as we love them.

Please find it in your heart to make a donation to our holiday tree campaign. Every gift counts and will make a difference to another Boston who needs help from BTRC and you.

Thank you for your compassion,