Ace was adopted on October 2, 2019!

Everything’s coming up aces for our Ace thanks to the tender nurturing and gentle guidance of his foster mom.

Safe with a set routine, his affectionate nature has emerged as have his adorable antics, including standing up and leaning in for a “hello” hug every morning before he goes outside.

Included in his growing list of loves are sitting next to his foster mom on the couch and stretching out on a lounge chair to sunbathe. He also loves playing fetch, going for walks (he pulls slightly on his leash when excited), chewing on “appropriate” toys and treats (he’s never destructive when left alone), and taking rides in the car.

Highly food and toy motivated, eager to please and to learn, he knows many obedience commands, and is learning more daily.

Untested with cats, but being dog selective, he likes playful and gentle females slightly larger than he is while he respects the space of those dogs he’s not interested in.

His once painful ear and skin problems have been resolved, and to maintain his good health, he needs high quality food, drops in his ears once every three to four days, and an allergy shot from the vet once every six to eight weeks.

Now for Ace to truly thrive, he requires an experienced adoptive home with no children under the age of 18 to continue gently building his confidence, complete his training and keep him well loved and well exercised fur-ever.