Adopted May 10, 2017


Striking markings coupled with an endearing under bite and an attentive tilt of the head make Buddy worth his weight in quirky canine charm.

Saucy in spirit and spry of step, this sprightly senior enjoys walks in warm weather – and even gentle hikes – with his furry foster sibs and, of course, chomping on chew toys.

Although he dislikes getting his paws wet or cold, he is, nonetheless, a definite doggy fashion plate, used to donning clothes, and readily raising his front “arms” to be dressed.

He basks in the limelight of human attention and has never met a person he didn’t like, and so it’s not surprising that he thrives on cuddling in cozy beds and snuggling on comfy couches.

Sometimes vocal on leash when passing other dogs, obedient Buddy is quickly redirected with a cue to move along, and feels most at ease being slowly introduced to unfamiliar dogs.

Fully  crate trained, he’s quite content in a crate and sleeps soundly inside one at night. Given his “guard dog” barking and occasional crying when left alone, Buddy may not be suited to life in an apartment, but he’s more than suited to life in a loving home with a smaller, calm and gentle doggy buddy for company.

As a special needs senior with allergies and chronic kidney disease (Protein Losing Nephropathy), Buddy is on monthly medications for both, and has been doing very well on a raw rabbit diet with added rice or quinoa and a Chinese herbal supplement.