Adopted March 4, 2017


Lovingly nicknamed “Licky-Lou” by her foster mom because she will soak you with kisses, kiss-able Chloe’s amorous enthusiasm knows no bounds. Simply put, this pert little Boston LOVES everyone – women and men, children and other dogs – and is eager to greet people with those now-famous licks.

The consummate cuddler, when Chloe’s not cuddling, she’s playing — from games of fetch and tug-o-war to joyfully chasing after her toys — much like a cat, paws up and pouncing! (Beware of squeakers in toys and leather gloves: she will happily “destroy” them).

Excellent on leash and in the car, well mannered and fully housetrained, she will, however, “cry” for three reasons. If she’s in the kitchen, she wants food; if she’s at the top of the stairs, she wants to go out; and if she’s lying on the couch or on her bed, she wants to be covered up.

A special sweetie with special needs, Chloe suffers from severe allergies and must, therefore, eat only hypoallergenic food and receive DAILY allergy medication as well as eye drops for the rest of her life. She also suffers from separation anxiety, and because she thrives on companionship, she would thrive in a home with someone there most of the day to soak up her famous Chloe kisses.