Adopted January 7, 2017

Darling Miss Daisy. Proof paws-itive that love can conquer all. New to the world of security, gentleness and attention, this former puppy mill dog is thriving, thanks to the tender patience and perseverance of her dedicated foster family. It now takes the beautiful Boston less time to grow comfortable in the presence of strangers, and the more comfortable she is, the more trusting and affectionate she becomes.

Known for following after her fosters like a devoted doggy shadow, she’s also their official, and very happy, greeter when they return home after being out. She loves going for walks — up to four times a day, easily greeting other well mannered dogs along the way — and the more she trusts the person walking her, the easier the walks are, with a simple “let’s go” to guide her.
Highly intelligent and extremely well behaved, Daisy is fully housetrained, and although she may not be schooled in the traditional commands, she understands “no”, “come here”, “go away”, “let’s go pee” and “let’s go to bed”.

Her three favourite places to be are her bed, her crate (content with either her blanket or bed inside, she’ll sleep there through the night), and the sofa next to her fosters.

Having never known about toys or games, she has yet to learn how much fun they can be, and given her past, she’s uneasy around children and unsettled by swift, unexpected movements and loud noises.

Missing most of her teeth and a piece of her tongue hasn’t slowed her zest for eating, and despite a scratched eye, she sees very well.

Now, what Daisy needs to fully bloom is a calm and tranquil environment (without young children or a high level of activity), with loving and gentle, patient and supportive adopters, who will be there for her every step of the way.