Adopted May 8, 2017

Boasting the best in Boston wardrobes, our lovely Lady is definitely a lady! She may be small in size at only 15 pounds, but her heart is large and worth its weight in doggy gold.

Gentle and sweet, she longs for attention and affection, thrives on snuggles, neck, chest and tummy rubs, and generously rewards her foster mom with endless wet and wonderful kisses.

Eager and energetic, she LOVES going for walks, meeting and greeting each person she passes, and despite the odd tug on her leash, is easily led.

Athletic and agile, she LOVES racing from one end of the house to the other, jumping onto the couch and then off again effortlessly. (All of this despite having had hip surgery on her right hind leg, the removal of a BB gun pellet from her left leg, the extraction of several teeth, and her current regime of physiotherapy to rehabilitate her right leg).

Highly intelligent, she learns quickly and fares best on a fixed routine. She answers to either “Lady” or “Puppy”, knows her “sit” and “stay” commands, comes in from the yard when she hears “a la maison,”and is almost fully housetrained.

Not a fan of dog treats, lively Lady would much rather “treat” herself by whipping her stuffed hedgehog toy around! A vocal alert barker, she may have learned to co-exist with the cat in her foster home, but she remains EXTREMELY anxious around other dogs, and still suffers some separation anxiety when her foster mom goes out.

Now, as she continues life’s journey, what loving Lady needs next is an equally loving adopter in a calm, peaceful home (without other dogs), who’s patient, gentle, encouraging yet firm, and devoted to Lady’s ongoing progress (including further socialization and physiotherapy if required) in exchange for her enduring love.