Adopted November 26, 2016

Her endearing under bite and mixed breed beauty make Mia the neighborhood eye catcher and heart stealer. She thrives on the attention of her foster family, eagerly offering up her belly for the rubs she loves, and melting in doggy delight when the top of her tail is scratched.

Equally independent, however, she’ll often trot happily off for some good old-fashioned Mia time, whether to simply relax or to snooze.
Fully house and crate trained, she slips easily into her crate when her fosters go out, greets them with an excited dance upon their return, and sleeps soundly inside the crate at night.

Surrendered by a loving home no longer able to keep her, Mia was understandably shy at first, then quickly settled in, and has grown increasingly close to her furry foster brother.

As a dedicated self-feeder, dehydrated liver treats are the only treats that tickle this doggy’s fancy.

Always eager to go for rides in the car, little miss curious always peers out the window, and is always eager to go for walks, walking (with some pulling) three times a day. Since her socialization skills are a work in progress, Mia remains somewhat anxious and vocal when meeting new people and other dogs, but after the proper correction, continues walking.

Fearful of loud noises like thunder and fireworks, she swiftly seeks out the safety of her crate or the bathtub, and hides without making a sound. (She herself is quite the loud alert barker, be it at the buzzer on the dryer or at the front doorbell). With her leash walking and socialization still in need of perfecting, the perfect home for this lovable lady is one with patient and loving adopters, where she’s the only dog, or one with a calm and easygoing dog for companionship.