Adopted October 27, 2016

Molly needs a no other pet, no young children home!

Making new friends is Molly’s pet pastime, and when anyone meets her, the feeling is mutual. Raising affable and affectionate to a new doggy level, she loves being petted and cuddled, and having her belly rubbed almost as much as she loves giving kisses.

As a true blue Boston, Molly’s a dedicated sun worshipper, stretching out by a window or patio door to soak up the rays and the heat.

She likes going for walks and although she walks fairly well on leash, is less than thrilled when she sees another dog. Happiest at bedtime since that means more cuddle time, she’s in heaven when allowed to burrow under the blankets alongside her foster mom.

She can, however, be easily coaxed to sleep in her own doggy bed with the simple point of a finger.

Quirky at mealtimes, she’ll grab mouthfuls of kibble from her bowl, then run off to eat elsewhere, and due to allergies (controlled by vet recommended food medication), she’s developed a habit of licking herself.

She knows some basic commands, and despite the odd accident when her foster mom’s gone for more than a few hours, is fully housetrained and progressing on her crate training.

Because Molly thrives in the doggy spotlight, her ideal home is one without other pets or young children, but with affectionate and attentive adopters to continue her education in exchange for her abundant love and adoring kisses forever.