Anna was adopted on December 27, 2018!

Posing in her plush, velvety coat, amiable Anna is the paw-fect picture of sweetness and love. Highly affectionate, she prefers cuddling to playing with toys, behaves calmly around children, and enjoys the company of cats and other dogs.

Extremely intelligent and eager to please, she now knows “sit” and “shake”, and is close to perfecting “roll over”. Only moderately active, she likes going on brief walks, loves riding in cars and relishes being groomed.

Well mannered and well balanced, she has no separation anxiety and isn’t afraid of loud noises or thunderstorms. Very food oriented, she has, on occasion, been known to steal food, and since she’s missing some teeth, she prefers either softened or wet food.

Nearly housetrained, she occasionally pees indoors in a new environment until she settles into her new routine. Recently diagnosed with invasive liposarcoma on her left hind leg, it may be locally invasive but doesn’t tend to travel to other organs. Surgery wasn’t an option, and we chose not to amputate the affected leg. The removal of one of her mammary glands showed a low-grade malignancy, and despite a low potential for reoccurring, it must be monitored closely.

Anna’s needs may, therefore, be special, but then, so is she – snuggly and lovable, obedient and calm – and whoever welcomes her into their heart and home will be amply rewarded by her enduring love.