“B” is for Billie, beautiful, bouncy and bright, with a penchant for baked beef bones dabbed in peanut butter.

But Billie suffers from epilepsy with significant seizure activity. And although a MRI showed no brain abnormalities, her medications are being adjusted and her seizure pattern monitored to stabilize her condition. In the meantime, though, she’s adjusted easily to her foster home, prefers playing with the other dogs rather than toys, enjoys exploring the backyard, and is comfortable with everyone she meets.

Laid back and loving, she likes being cuddled, having her ears scratched and her tummy tickled, and either sleeps with her foster mom and foster sibs at night or contentedly on her own.

Her languid leaps on her little legs make her foster mom laugh while her snores indicate she’s sound asleep under the bed.

A hearty eater who’s also fond of raw squash, carrots, apple, chicken jerky and snow, she waits politely for her food, sits for treats, and usually comes when called.

While she prefers her freedom to her crate, she remains there calmly when her foster mom is out, and while thunderstorms don’t frighten her, loud noises, large dogs’ barks and raised voices do, and despite being fully housetrained, she will urinate during a seizure. With so much life to live and so much love to give, what Billie needs now are adopters familiar with dog epilepsy, in a home with or without a canine companion, who are committed to her ongoing care, honing her leash skills and keeping her well loved fur-ever.