Never was a dog more aptly named than Buddy. Although small in size, he’s large in personality, sweet, funny and loving, making his foster family his own best buddies.

He thrives on their attention and affection, loves having his ears rubbed while he sits on them or beside them, and adores being bathed and coddled.

He rides well in the car with a seat belt or in his crate, remaining there calmly when his family is out, and sleeping inside it comfortably through the night.

Good on brief leash walks, he tires easily and sometimes has to be carried home (he is a senior, after all, despite his high spirits), and while he’s had only limited experience with children, he seems gentle with them.

A well-behaved mister who’s housetrained and seldom barks, being a Boston means making those familiar snorting and wheezing sounds, and never being allowed to overheat.

While he does have some vision loss, possibly cataracts, he’s otherwise in excellent health. And although he lived with another dog for most of his life, he would much rather be the only pet in a patient and loving home – in either an urban or rural setting — with someone there more often than not to share the joy of his golden years.