Adopted October 20, 2014

From the tops of his auburn-brown ears to the tip of his auburn-brown tail, Buster’s dramatic piebald markings set him apart from the rest of the Boston pack. In fact, he was given the loving nickname Buster Brown because of his unique colouring.

Seldom seen without a ball in his mouth, he, like the rest of his Boston brethren, is bouncy and brimful of energy, always looking for someone to join him in a rousing game of fetch. His wide, come-hither grin could not be more inviting, but if no one is around to throw the ball for him, he will keep himself happily occupied.

As a dedicated person pleaser, Buster is most pleased in the presence of his people, and likes to be anywhere and everywhere they are. He will even go so far as being first one in and last one out of the car when it’s traveling time! And if he has to be left on his own for any period of time, he will settle happily inside his crate with an appetizing Kong stuffed with peanut butter.

He gets along very well with children, although he tends to be shy around groups. And although he does well with large, more passive dogs, he is not at all suited to being close to either smaller dogs or cats.

Because Buster is so people-oriented, he suffers from slight separation anxiety, and would be the perfect Boston fit for a family where someone is either home a good deal or who can take him along – for the ride. But especially for the stimulating exercise our Buster needs and craves.