What you notice first about Clutch are his warm, soulful eyes. Then comes the twinkle that lets you know there’s an imp behind them, coupled with the sweetest of dispositions and the most indomitable of spirits.

A loving companion, this cuddly cutie thrives on affection, exchanging hugs and kisses with his chosen person, while his preferred place to be is as close to that person as much as possible. Not only does he enjoy meeting new people, who promptly fall head over paws in love with him, but he’s very well socialized and extremely friendly towards other dogs.

He’s fond of chewing on both heavy-duty rubber and silicone toys and knows commands such as “stay”, “lie down,” leave it” and “no”. Happily and highly energetic, he also loves walking, running, and playing fetch – thanks to his specially designed wheelchair and drag bags.

In July, Clutch suffered a severe spinal injury that left him paralyzed and incontinent. Shortly thereafter, he was placed with a foster mom who’s since dedicated herself to his daily care and ongoing rehabilitation. She provides him with hydrotherapy sessions, physiotherapy exercises, massages and wheelchair walking therapy. As a result, he’s built up more muscle mass and is able to stand longer during his physiotherapy sessions.

When not racing about in his wheelchair, Clutch maneuvers himself along the floor and through the house wearing a “drag bag”. This enables him to move around safely without causing friction burns or injuries to his body or legs.

Because he’s so active as well as incontinent, he wears a thick sanitary napkin and diaper inside a belly band to prevent accidents. His bladder must then be expressed and his bowels expelled three to four times to keep him clean and dry.

He’s fed one low fat, high fiber meal in the morning, and although he prefers sleeping with his foster mom at night, settles instead for sleeping nearby on his own orthopedic bed.

With a full and active life still ahead of him, what cheerful and compliant Clutch needs now is the tender nurturing of an especially compassionate and committed adopter. One with the patience and time, energy and experience to devote to his ongoing care – from playtime and rehabilitation exercises to diaper changes and bathing. One who is hale and hardy, with no small children, who either works from home or has a flexible work schedule.

And the rewards for just such a commitment? The enduring love and endless hours of enjoyment compliments of one extremely endearing dog.