Adopted December 11, 2016

Giving the term “inexhaustible energy” an entirely new meaning, Cooper is eager, enthusiastic and eternally smiling, and loves to both caper and cuddle.

He LOVES going for long walks in new areas, although his leash manners still need some work. He LOVES the company of calm, well-behaved dogs although he could benefit from an obedience class to perfect his own manners and reduce his excited barking.

He LOVES playing with toys, hard (not tennis) balls, and antlers, and gnawing on a hollow bone filled with peanut butter. He LOVES rides in the car, looking out the front window, although he must be buckled in to keep him from moving.

Ever the imp, with that special touch of Boston mischief in him, Cooper craves belly rubs but HATES having his nails cut (unless by a vet), and will curl up on the couch or under the bedcovers with his foster mom in a heartbeat. To keep his coat silky smooth, he’s currently on a vegetarian/hypoallergenic diet, topped with diced carrots, apples, broccoli or cucumber to both add crunch and slow his eating.

Kennel and housetrained, Cooper lives to love and be loved. But to truly thrive, he requires a single dwelling home (due to his barking) with a securely fenced yard (without cats or children under the age of 10), with active, yet patient adopters committed to continuing his training in return for his effusive and eternal love.