Dara was adopted on October 1, 2019!

Meet Dara, estimated to be between the age of 3-4, rescued from a shelter by some of our wonderful volunteers and brought to safety.

The condition of her eyes were deplorable and she was very much in pain. She had endured the life of a puppymill mama. She was taken immediately for vet care. It was discovered she also had two mammary lumps and there were concerns regarding her heart.

She needed help and needed it quickly, so three surgeries were performed simultaneously. Both eyes were removed, spay was performed and mammary lumps removed. Good news – the mammary glands were benign!

What a trooper this little girl has been. She has been making progress in her recovery but certainly has a ways to go yet. She is being loved and cared for in a safe haven and we are grateful to her foster mom for seeing her through her surgeries and the beginning of her recovery.

Due to her health upon coming into care and her current state of recovery we are still getting to know Dara. We do know that she is sweet, yet a little head strong and determined. She is house trained. She is not a fan of the crate so that will be a work in progress. She loves her humans and enjoys the pets and cuddles. She does not care for car rides. She does however love her walks but will pull on the leash. She loves the cool grass under her feet as this was something she would not have enjoyed as a puppymill mama.

As she is a little overweight she will need to get lots of exercise. She is currently residing with another dog. She has not been too interested in playing with her foster brother and so may or may not get along well with other dogs once recovered and her personality has shown through.

We are now looking for a foster to adopt home to carry on with Dara’s recovery. Ideally someone who is retired or not away from home for long periods. We are excited to learn more about this gal as she starts to feel better. Dara means “gift”. BTRC has given Dara the gift of life. Will you give her the gift of a loving forever home?