Doug was adopted on November 22, 2018!

Could any grin be broader than dashing Doug’s as he clasps his bright green Kong?

The brindle and white beauty, so sweet and high spirited, thrives on staying active, whether it’s playing with and chasing after his various toys and balls, going for brisk walks or taking rides in the car.

Thanks to his leash and new harness, he’s now walking without pulling and responds promptly to any corrections or directions from his foster parents.

Being so bright, his basic commands are a breeze and he’s both fully crate and house trained. And being the consummate cuddle bug, there’s no place he’d rather be than on someone’s warm lap for affection and security, especially since he’s fearful of loud noises and thunderstorms.

He has a hearty appetite, but due to some allergies and food sensitivities, he fairs best on a special diet. Initially wary of new people, he accepts them within minutes, but he’s not that accepting of other dogs. And so the ideal home for delightful Doug is one where he’s the only pet, possibly with older, respectful children.