Adopted December 11, 2017

All ears, eyes and eagerness make Edgar the most endearing of dogs.

He LOVES people and cuddling, and his charms are impossible to resist when he lays his head in your lap and looks up at you with tenderness and trust.

His foster mom’s loyal companion and faithful shadow, following her everywhere to ensure he misses nothing, he also enjoys spending quality time just watching the world from his place on the balcony.

Nicknamed “Curious George”, Edgar’s endless curiosity about and desire to explore everything are equaled only by his partiality for playing. He loves to carry, chew and play with his stuffed toys and Nyla bones as well as games of keep away if he thinks you want his toys as much as he does!

Fond of walking, he walks well on a harness or collar, and currently gets three brisk walks a day to keep him mentally stimulated and physically satisfied. Highly intelligent, earnest Edgar learned all of his commands after being shown each of them once, and not only follows them instantly, but often anticipates what’s expected of him.

A great fan of car rides, he runs gamely into his crate and sits happily inside it on trips, short and long. While he sleeps contentedly in his crate at night, his foster mom uses either toys or food to coax him inside, where he’ll sit and bark when she leaves.

Although very food motivated, he’s on a limited-ingredients dog food (and no treats) to guard against a potentially sensitive stomach and/or food allergies.

Currently fostered in a home without other pets, excitable Edgar requires further training to improve and perfect his behaviour towards other dogs, especially on walks. He’s therefore best suited to loving and patient adopters, with no cats or young children, who are fully committed to his ongoing socialization in exchange for his enduring love.