ADOPTED: Georgia

Adopted July 24, 2016

Seldom seen without her tongue out and a grin on her face, this “Georgia peach” is all caramel and cream, and ever so sweet.

Always eager for adventure, she’s also the queen of chill — calm, quiet and gentle. In fact the only time she barks is when the doorbell rings, and even then, it’s a single, sturdy bark.

Always up for cuddles, gregarious Georgia loves meeting new people of all ages, and is such a quick study that, with the help of treats, is acquiring new manners almost daily.

As a typical Boston, she’s a devoted sun worshiper and prefers taking her morning naps outdoors. Car rides, initially an issue, are now enjoyable for her, and although she walks without pulling too much on leash, this area requires more work.

Fully housetrained, she still suffers some separation anxiety, but only when left in her crate. A committed comfort seeker, genial Georgia craves a good night’s sleep on her foster mom’s big bed, although she can be coaxed into her crate with a cookie and her stuffy toys.

The ideal adopters for good-natured Georgia? An active and loving household with children for added companionship.