Adopted November 27, 2017


This is the face of happy! Smiling, tongue out to lap up the warmth of the sun and the love of those she knows well.

A puppy at heart with spirit to spare, handsome Helen may have lost her vision, but not her zest for life. She LOVES flinging her toys around, rolling about in the grass, and sleeping next to her foster mom on the sofa

Gleeful when greeting people, she tries to put her paws on their chests and cover them in kisses, and while she’ll gladly accept the advances of friendly dogs, she’s not shy about warning them off with a brief bark if they become rough.

Easygoing when handled, she calmly accepts showers, nail clippings, and being carried, and although not a fan of her crate, enters obediently when tempted with treats.

Until she felt safe in her foster home, Helen paced in circles, prompting her foster mom to place several beds throughout the house, thereby creating “safe zones” for her. Now that she’s familiar with the layout, she roams freely, and when she finds a bed she likes, settles in for a nap

As for walking on leash and trusting new voices, a squeaky toy works wonders (her foster mom calls it their “secret weapon”), literally summoning her and having her follow. Not yet cat tested, the ideal home for happy Helen is a tranquil, patient and nurturing one, without small children, but with another calm and gentle dog for companionship.