Lous was adopted on August 14, 2019!

Louis puts the “l” into lovable. Charming and cheerful, this dedicated people pooch loves being close to his fosters, snuggling with them and their children (8 – 12), and coming loyally when called.

Spirited and spunky, he thrives on long walks and early morning jogs, entertains himself endlessly by playing with toys – especially balls – and enjoys when one rolls under the furniture to be retrieved by his ever attentive humans!

Friendly towards male and female dogs of similar and smaller sizes, he’s very well behaved in his crate, patiently waiting for his fosters to return from work and hopefully play fetch with him.

Fully housetrained and honing his leash skills to pull less, his habit of barking happily out the window may make him unsuitable for apartments, but loving Louis’s enthusiasm and energy make him more than suitable for an equally enthusiastic and energetic loving home.