Adopted March 6, 2018

If ever a dog was born to love and be loved, it’s Lulu. The most affectionate of companions, highly intelligent and extremely adaptable, she’s eager to learn and to please, and the secret to this lively lady’s success is a calm and assertive “pack leader.” Set a routine for her, follow it consistently, and she’s pup putty in your hands, rewarding you with her undivided attention and unquestioned devotion.

Giving new meaning to the term lap dog, she always wants to be in your lap or to simply touch you. She loves kisses on the nose and shoulder massages, belly and bum rubs, and, if she could, she would lie on her back forever, happily accepting your pets and pats. Invite her to stay on the couch or come into bed, and she snuggles up close to you, keeping you warm.

As active as she is affectionate, she enjoys exploring every inch of her home’s backyard and likes taking brisk walks. With a tendency to hyperventilate if she walks too quickly or too far, all she needs is a moment to rest and she’s back on track. The same applies to her overly exuberant approach to eating, but stopping her several times to slow her pace with a firm “Lulu, sit” works wonders.

Playfulness to her is hopping up and down on all four paws – much like a bouncy goat – punctuated by her distinctive Lulu snorts to demonstrate how truly excited she is to see you. For treats, she loves carrots and Dentabones, while for canine company, she enjoys being with calm and relaxed dogs. Once she’s at ease in their presence, she too is calm, relaxed, and very loving.

She likes spending time in her crate, either entering it on her own or guided there with the help of a treat, and when she barks at some unfamiliar noise, she stops when corrected, trusting your judgment, and swiftly settles down. Should she have one of her “moody” moments where she growls in uncertainty, promptly putting a leash on her acts as a form of “security blanket”, comforting her and encouraging her to follow your next command.

Now, for lovely Lulu to continue to thrive, what she needs is a home with calm but assertive adopters, whose consistency and guidance elicit both her respect and her love, with another calm and balanced dog for company, and children twelve years or older.