Adopted: Maggie

Maggie was adopted December 12, 2018!

Attracting attention like a magnet, majestic Maggie rules the hearts of everyone she meets. Made to love and be loved, she adores being spoiled by receiving a kiss on the nose and being told “good girl”.

One of her most endearing traits is daintily placing her paw on her foster mom when she wants some affection and lightly tapping until she gets it! In typical Boston fashion, she follows her fosters wherever they go, but as the well-mannered miss she is, will usually obey when told to “sit” and “wait”.

A truly happy honey, friendly towards children and dogs of all sizes, she welcomes people into the house with a bark, then promptly “asks” them for love.

Still sprightly, she may not require long walks, but she does enjoy a brisk walk around the block, and while she enters her crate on command, she prefers to roam free.

Fully housetrained, she likes a set schedule to be let outside (every 5 hours is best, but she can wait patiently for 8), and being as friendly and loving as she is, merry Maggie will make any home a merrier home.