Adopted November 10, 2017

If marvelous Margie had her way, she would spend most of her time flipped onto her back, freckled belly exposed, having her belly rubbed.

Funny and friendly, she LOVES people, lives for love and affection, and bestows the best kisses ever on everyone she meets while sweetly stealing their hearts.

To say she loves cuddling on the couch and snuggling in the middle of her foster parents’ bed at night would be an understatement. As would her love of food and treats, especially bones, freeze dried liver and dehydrated chicken hearts, given to her sparingly as she works to decrease her weight while increasing her exercise.

She gets along well with other dogs, appropriately correcting those who act inappropriately, accepts brushing, cleaning and nail clipping as if she were at a doggy spa, and rides well in the car either sitting or lying down on the seat.

Otherwise easygoing and mellow, her one “pet” peeve is a broom, and due to some obvious hearing loss, the swiftest way to get her attention is by making “kissing” sounds, using a whistle or clapping. But the swiftest way to win this lady’s love is by opening the door and welcoming her into your home fur-ever.