The jaunty black pirate patch over his left eye only adds to Oreo’s impish appeal.

Sweet and affectionate, he loves everyone, loves life and loves adventures. He also loves playing with toys, playing games and playing fetch. And … oh yes, Oreo is blind.

Highly confident as he navigates the world, including his foster home, where he’s been nicknamed Jack, he uses his other senses to “see”, allowing him to successfully map out his surroundings. Indoors, he can find his ball and bring it back to his foster mom, carry his toys up and down the stairs, locate his food and water bowls, the toy box and the door to the back yard, and most importantly the couch where copious cuddles await!

Rarely does he bump into things and if he does, it’s a gentle tap, while outdoors, for example, (he wears a “blind” tag on his harness to caution passersby to approach him gently), he walks around puddles and potholes not into them.

His first language is French, and while he knows his commands well, he’s been quickly learning them in English, and is crate and housetrained.

Content, companionable, and curious to know where his next adventure lies, Oreo will bring his love and zest for life to the luckiest of households.