Adopted October 7, 2017

The freckles sprinkled across his nose only add to this pup’s puckish appeal! A truly gentle “American Gentleman”, Picky loves being pampered and loved by his foster family and especially enjoys taking long walks on leash, running and playing with toys – his favourites being his squeaky chicken and his ball.

Eager and energetic, he thrives on games of chase and tug-o-war, requiring some time to “chill” again after so much excitement.

Curious about everything around him, and particularly fond of food, he’s eager to please and quick to learn, and knows such as commands as “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “paw”, “watch me” and “no”. A well-behaved Boston, he also knows where he should and shouldn’t be in the house, sleeps soundly at night in his crate and is fully housetrained.

While he greets his fosters with happy leaps and hearty licks whenever they come home, he’s best introduced slowly to strangers while they hold treats in their hands. For playful Picky to thrive, his ideal adoptive home is an active and affectionate one, with a large, securely fenced yard and only older, respectful children.