ADOPTED: Princesse

Adopted July 29, 2016

Whether in English or in French, this pert and petite Boston princess is truly the queen of hearts, entrancing all who meet her with her playfulness, loving and warmth.

Soaking up attention like a doggy sponge, she adores being held and hugged and cradled like a baby, and in typical Boston fashion, she loves the sun, bathing contentedly in its rays both indoors and out.

Basically well mannered and quiet, Princesse answers promptly to her name, barking only when she thinks she’s been left alone for a few minutes in her foster home or if another dog approaches her too boldly.

Coming from Quebec, she knows her few basic commands in French, but is currently learning new ones in English.

She loves playing games and playing with toys, again in a ladylike manner. She rides happily and easily in the car, and enjoys her walks, walking well and never pulling on the leash.

Both house and crate trained, she can remain in her crate for up to three hours, but is happier coming out than going in. While pretty Princesse would gladly lay claim to her foster mom’s big bed, she waits politely to be invited up, and although she often remains there, she will also sleep through the night in her crate, curled under a blanket in her own little bed.

A figure-conscious female, she loves fruits and vegetables, with meat as an occasional treat. But because she has arthritis and Grade 1 and 2 Luxating Patella (no surgery is needed at this time), glucosamine, fatty acids and chondroitin must remain staples in her daily diet.

Now in search of her forever home, this particular princess, who will “tolerate” other dogs, would much prefer to be the only apple of her adopter’s eye.