Adopted July 9, 2017

Tongue out to lap up your love, this bouncy Boston’s a bundle of HAPPY!

Rocking his foster home with his outsize personality and penchant for cuddling – with his foster mom, foster doggy sibs and the resident cats – Rocko may be shy at first blush, but once he “reads” you and your mood, he gets his goofy on.

Sweet with people of all ages, both female and male, he gets along well with dogs of all sizes, and is very easy to introduce. Well behaved and respectful, he will sit politely until given permission to eat (he’s on a specific diet, and his once-irritated skin is now healed and healthy) or to curl up beside you on the couch.

Like many Bostons, he’s always cold – unless that’s simply his excuse for extra snuggles — and at night will “ask” to come onto his foster mom’s bed, then slyly slide under the covers to lie next to her.

A gem of pure joy, he LOVES playing tug and playing with his toys, but prefers NOT to share them with the other dogs.

Uncomfortable around collars, he’s walked solely with a harness, walking easily and well, while both listening to and following verbal commands without added guidance.

An alert barker, robust Rocko will also bark continuously if left alone too long, making his ideal home an attentive one, without young children, but with another friendly dog for company and security.