Adopted May 21, 2018

Picture paw-fect in any pose, Theo, who’s barely past puppy hood, thrives on living and loving. Spreading fun times and sunshine wherever he puts his paws, he fairly bristles with energy, is impishly mischievous and is happiest when active.

Not only does he love everyone he meets, he loves playing with and chewing on hard rubber toys and engaging in rousing games of tug-o-war.

A great fan of the outdoors where he can stretch his lean legs and run round the yard of his foster home, he also enjoys a good drive in the car, and being blessed with a hearty appetite, loves crunching on ice cubes and munching on treats.

Highly intelligent, he knows such commands as “stay”, “leave it” and “no”, is fully housetrained, and sleeps soundly at night in his kennel. With much yet to learn and his whole life to live, what Theo needs now is an active home (with older children only and NO cats or other dogs) to continue his education and ensure he’s kept mentally stimulated and physically satisfied fur-ever.