Actively seeking a loving, patient and supportive “Set for Life” home, tender Trixie plans to live whatever time she has left to the fullest. Although suffering from terminal cancer, she’s no less today than she was yesterday – lovable, playful and sweet – and all of her medical expenses will be paid by BTRC.

Use the magic word “cookie” as a command and this sweet, sprightly senior is there in a second – whether it’s in response to “come”, “sit”, “shake a paw” or “go and lie” (in her doggy bed).

Still percolating with a puppy’s curiosity, Trixie is always eager to explore the beach after a storm, experience the sights on a car ride, and is always enthusiastic about going for long, brisk walks.

Not only does she walk exceptionally well on a leash without pulling, but if YOU can’t keep up with HER, the word “back” will promptly slow her pace until she’s politely beside you again!

As affectionate as she is active, she thrives on slow belly massages and snuggly snoozes on the sofa, and although she often enjoys sleeping under the covers, she also enjoys stretching out on that special spot reserved just for her on your bed.

Since her medications cause occasional bladder accidents, pee pads are always at the ready, and although her prognosis is, at this point, unknown, she’s eager to embark on her last, great adventure. While she’s never been exposed to children or cats and should preferably be her “Set for Life” home’s only dog, she may do equally well with an older, easygoing one.

If you are interested in adopting Trixie, please visit our Set for Life page to learn more about this program!