Recycle for Rescue Contest

Announcing Boston Terrier Rescue Canada’s Recycle for Rescue Contest — Winning x 3!

BTRC earns money for each shipment sent in AND has the chance to win $3,000!

YOU have a chance to win an adorable handmade wooden Boston Terrier statue

The ENVIRONMENT wins as refuse is diverted from the landfill

For each approved piece of Air and Home Care waste received, BTRC will receive two TerraCycle points. These points are then redeemed for a payment of $0.01 per point. Twice a year, donations are sent to BTRC. In addition, TerraCycle is running the “Febreze Frenzy” contest until 30 April 2015. The collecting location that sends in the most Air and Home Care waste during the contest period will win a prize of $3,000.

We’re asking you to collect a few of the acceptable items outlined below, package them up (reuse a bag or box, please); request your PRE-PAID shipping label by emailing us and then drop off your package at the nearest UPS location.

Every time you send in an eligible shipment (i.e. one that earns points), your name will go into the draw for the BT statue (measures 7″ high x 7.5″ long). BONUS: earn an extra entry by sending in a shipment that earns 10 points or more. IMPORTANT: You MUST request a new label for each shipment you send. In order to get credit for shipments, labels cannot be used more than once.

Enlist the help of your family, friends, and co-workers. Share the list of accepted waste through social media outlets, email, and hard copy. Download poster here. If permitted, post the list on bulletin boards and set up a collection box at your place of work. If you’re a Facebook user, please join the Recycle for Rescue event here to get updates and helpful collecting hints.

So, let’s all get “trigger” happy and start collecting!
With volunteers spread across Canada, BTRC should have a very good chance at winning the grand prize. And remember, the more shipments you send in, the greater your chances of winning the adorable BT statue!


  • ALL BRANDS and sizes of plastic air fresheners, plastic electronic (plug-in) air fresheners and plastic air freshener cartridges.
  • ALL BRANDS of plastic bottle trigger heads and pumps and wet cleaning wipe packaging (intended for home cleaning)
  • Plastic bottle caps (for air care products, and dishwashing liquid bottles)
  • All related flexible plastic air care and home care product packaging of ANY BRAND (please remove any cardboard (usually the back) or other recyclable components first and recycle these with your household collections).

Waste that is NOT accepted:

  • Fabric care / detergent product caps or home cleaning tools
  • Toilet cleaner or bleach product caps
  • Pest control spray product caps (i.e. fly / bug spray)
  • Window cleaner or furniture polish product caps
  • Wipe packaging for non-home cleaning products (i.e. baby wipes packaging, face wipes packaging)
  • Glass air fresheners and air freshener cartridges (these can be recycled with your standard household recycling
  • Air and Home Care related aerosols and plastic bottles / containers (these can be recycled as part of your standard household recycling)

Happy Recycling and thank you for helping to support Boston Terrier Rescue Canada and all of the Bostons in our care!